21 June 2010

because sometimes you want a perk-- a local one.

every once in a while, rhyme has its place in the world without coming off as a sheer joke or embarrassment.

here at news, not blues, we plan to bring positive news to the community in the web realm since hard news takes precedent on local news sites. while it's essential too, admittedly, so are recurring reasons to notice and hear about the happier happenings on the locale scale. we created this spot in the blogisphere to bring you an excuse to remember why you chose southeastern pennsylvania as your home and not anywhere else on this earth.

as readers, you deserve to learn about the upbeat, wonderful, and more pleasant parts of life too-- right where you live. and if you want to pass it around, this place will exist well beyond ephemerally compared to a tree-cut version of where the news is tucked away weekly.

enjoy the posts to come !