27 September 2010

win a $10.00 gift certificate for black buggy baking company !

this week's news, not blues contest involves a $10.00 gift certificate for oley's black buggy baking company.

baker felicia fisher whips up recipes of pie after pie daily with the black buggy persuasion, which she stirred into existence after leaving a job practicing commercial litigation on park avenue in new york city. simply put, she revealed that her heart pulled her more toward baking by then than the legal end of her career minutes could.

fisher is infamous for her $1.00 over-sized cookies, obviously a winner by the bright-eyed children who often happily grasp the goods in their little hands at the boyertown farmers' market and at the family farm stand on route 662. 

pies are available in a variety of fruit varieties, crumbled atop well, and cozy fall flavors are now ahead.

knowing fisher prides her each and every pie on using the freshest and most locally grabbed ingredients, the light yet perfectly measured sweet lure of her pies probably has something to do with that--blended with her natural talent of juxtaposing mixing bowls, ovens, and all the obvious in-betweens.

comment below to enter for a chance to win a $10.00 gift certificate for the black buggy baking company. please include your e-mail address in your comment. this contest ends the 3rd of october. good luck !

brian bartozsek & jason ludy just won some hockey player bobble heads.

congratultions to brian bartozsek and jason ludy who won these little hockey bobble head men thanks to the donation prizes from national penn bank's gilbertsville / new hanover branch.

our next contest will be up and running soon. tell your friends !

21 September 2010

whopping-priced perennial sale in douglassville this saturday !

still pond nursery at 38 hess lane in douglassville is having its annual fall perennial sale on the 25th of september from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. the nursery normally specializes in wholesale selling, but this is a retail sale for the public, with 10% off of some of the already lowest retail prices in the area for perennials. fall is a great, temperate time to plant. thankfully too, these perennials are pampered with boat-loads of affection and care, making them perfect, affordable accents for your garden.

along with great prices for plant-love, still pond nursery will have some chow-time goodies on site.

if you stop by, be sure to let still pond nursery’s staff know that you heard about their sale through news, not blues !

20 September 2010

win some hockey bobble head dudes !

the gilbertsville / new hanover branch of national penn bank donated these jonathan quick hockey dude bobble heads for news, not blues to give away.

that means we'll have two lucky winners this contest. ooh ooh !

comment below to enter for a chance to win one of these enthusiastic ice skaters adorned with pucks and sticks. please include your e-mail address. this contest ends the 26th of september. good luck !

heather goodman just won a double delicious main dish !

congratulations to heather goodman who won one double delicious main dish from raw can roll café in douglassville !

( photograph by amy strauss. )

this meal possibility ranges from $7.00 - $10.00 or so in value.

our next contest will be posted tonight. stay tuned.

16 September 2010

( setting an example in green-speak )

setting an example in green-speak
by jennifer hetrick

douglass township in montgomery county has a recycling program beaming with such success that its coordinator, andrew duncan, has had municipal officials from new york, maryland, and florida phoning him to ask just how the admirable setup works.

in comparison to all other townships and boroughs in montgomery county, douglass township’s recycling rate is the highest at 45 per cent, confirmed the county’s recycling coordinator, chris kaasmann, who is new to the position.

with 61 other municipalities in montgomery county, this easily puts douglass township in a league of its own in terms of giving back to the environment and caring for it well, thus setting an example worth mirroring by other townships and boroughs in the area and more obviously across the state of pennsylvania and beyond.

before becoming the township’s solid waste and recycling coordinator in 2005, duncan served as a member of the highway crew.

in 1991, the pay-per-bag program was introduced to residents, with the cost then being $2.00 each. by 2004, residents saw the first-ever increase to this rate, with bags rising in price to $2.20 each.

the pay-per-bag approach encourages residents and business owners to be selective about their view of what is considered trash and what is capable of being recycled or composted, hence returned to the ground.

by default of its structure and intentions to benefit all members of the community and land, the way of the pay-per-bag has positively shaped a more conscientious nature about the topic of supposed garbage—something often largely taken for granted by those who toss bag after bag into their weekly emptied trash cans on wheels.

a number of businesses sell the township’s official trash bags, aside from them being available in the municipal building.

duncan explained that his predecessor, clem serowski, designed the recycling program into what it is today, which thankfully for all involved parties, means it’s basically self-sufficient.

back in 1996, the township added its now well-utilized recycling center which today hosts a wide variety of forms of recycling and disposal options for different items including aluminum, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, leaf and yard debris, empty propane tanks, electronics, scrap metals, clothing, american flags, and more.

some larger home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers are accepted for a fee. 

the facility even offers leaf compost and mulch for free to residents after it’s shredded from the brush pile of the wood dropped off throughout a season, totaling to about 2,500 cubic yards altogether. 

with the pay-per-bag program well-favored by most long-time residents, duncan said some nearby boroughs practicing similar efforts with trash disposal are pennsburg, red hill, and east greenville.

more than half of the township’s population is of senior citizen age, duncan noted.

“with them being on fixed incomes, they’re only throwing a bag out every week or every other week,” duncan said. “so they’re only paying about $100.00 a year for trash—they really like that.”

trash bags are picked up at residents’ curbsides weekly while recyclables are picked up every two weeks. duncan hears from residents on a daily basis concerning their responses to the program.

“ninety per cent of the people are very happy with the bag program in general because they really only pay for what they throw away,” duncan said.

in multi-unit housing, the township dictates that building owners are responsible for trash disposal and recycling options, but the regulation and implementation of these services is checked by township officials annually.

several years ago, the recycling program began taking advantage of pennsylvania department of environmental protection grants to procure vehicles and equipment, totaling $309,000.00 toward the purchases.

the township published a spring & summer 2010 newsletter about the recycling program’s continued environmental excellence and value to the community, with go green ! gleaming as its title. in the newsletter which totals 10 pages, resource information for all the program’s recycling and disposal options for residents are listed, and duncan pointed out that even today, some people do not realize all the free or low-cost choices they have for making trash to treasure-esque efforts.

duncan’s latest project is putting together a roadside clean-up program to echo the approach of the state’s adopt a highway program. he is looking to kick-start it at the beginning of next year, reeling in help from residents and business owners alike to get the stretches of land and space by roadways clean and looking nice for those who live here as well as for those who happen to be passing through the area.

to learn more about the recycling program, visit www.douglasstownship.org.

15 September 2010

news, not blues volume five is out !

news, not blues volume five is out !

pick it up around town or check out the stories online.

13 September 2010

( rockin' living foods at raw can roll )

rockin' living foods at raw can roll
by amy strauss

as an ode to the raw food movement, douglassville's latest addition, the raw can roll café, celebrates the organic and vegan lifestyles of those who love to plunge their palates in the finest and most subtle tastes of extremely seasonal foods.

with a grand opening only a few months back, on june 5, owner sheryll chavarria decided that to complement her established wellness center devoted to natural healing practices, pure body wellness, she would additionally provide locals with an all-natural food lineup—one that would encourage healthy eating practices and introduce her favorites found within her own raw food habits.

nestled vibrantly on old swede road, parallel to wanner landscaping, raw can roll premiered months after pure body entered the local business roundup, singing in fresh colors of rich purples, sage greens, and sunflower yellows just a few doors down from its predecessor.

merrily matching “living foods” (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. never exceeding 108 degrees) in a playful atmosphere spouting a classic fifties theme, donned with pin-ups of elvis presley and marilyn monroe and a menu that dips into categories like “shake, rattle, & roll” (for smoothies and shakes) and “toss'n & turn'n” (for salads), the latest lunchtime café introduces something new to the edible mix.

attracted to raw foodism after meeting the motivational anthony robbins, the restaurateur/certified colon hydrotherapist establishes her cozy eatery for both practicing raw foodists and for those daring to dabble.

the mentionable robbins, popular for the documentary simply raw: reversing diabetes in 30 days, influences many by his life-changing recap over the trials and successes of a group of everyday americans who experienced the healing results of 30 days eating just raw foods, which included a rapid cure for type-2 diabetes.

chavarria, an activist for delving deeply into pure, raw dishes, packs nutritional, energizing entrées at her 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. café, which produce a healthful punch—much more than those seen in their cooked counterparts. tackling everything from a filling olive burger plopped on flavorful onion flatbread to zucchini ribbon pasta dressed with sauces like cashew alfredo or tomato basil, the options are crunchy, captivating, and well worth the trip.

raw can roll also trots a gorgeous assortment of finger foods, including dipping starters like ever-changing salsas, authentic guacamole, and sprouted sunflower hummus, all paired with veggie crisps and red pepper corn chips. booming options of the kale, asian chop, or garden salads are sure to please, too, as they are seen as unforgettable varieties of some of the area's best blended bowls.

( all photographs by amy strauss. )

however, what makes the nearby niche-market café an “experience that you will remember” is the luxurious lineup of dressings and condiments, allowing you to refreshingly splash sweet purées of citrus ginger, carrot ginger, creamy tahini, and sweet basil balsamic onto your popping platter of uncooked paradise.

but, when you're speeding out the door, after deliciously dancing within the raw food movement at the area's first appropriate eatery, you may consider treating yourself to dessert, after all. offering daily specials premiering on their in-house board, your meal's sweet ending has never been this guilt-free. from coconut milk cream pie, to raw chocolates and chocolate almond macaroons, each step toward embracing the life of “living foods” reflects chavarria's conscious cuisine—as seen enjoyable bite-after-bite.

raw can roll café is open tuesday through saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 38 old swede road in douglassville.

(freebie alert ! comment on this story to enter for a chance to win one main double delicious dish from raw can roll café. please include your e-mail address in the comment. this contest ends the 19th of september. good luck !)

for more opportunities to gush over good
eats, visit amy’s foodie blog online at 

12 September 2010

june herb won a $5.00 gift card for gently used books !

congratulations to june herb who just won a $5.00 gift card for gently used books !

we still have two more $5.00 gift cards to give away over the next few months. so stay tuned, and a food-happy contest will be up in the next day or two !

spread the word !

08 September 2010

news, not blues cultivates poetry appreciation in the boyertown area.

sly news, all !

the boyertown community library has agreed to let news, not blues startle the healthy brained habits possible in absorbing beautiful cuts of sentences for local readers through  donating books of contemporary poetry to its shelves.

we hope to donate a poetry book, fresh from today's world of bards, once each month.

the first book we'll be donating for september is braided creek by jim harrison and former u.s. poet laureate (and hobbit lookalike, coincidentally enough) ted kooser.  

this is a collection of short snail-mailed poems the men sent to each other, after kooser found out years ago that he’d been diagnosed with cancer. and luckily, he is still writing his imagery-thick, nebraska-sparked poetry to this day.

the book should be available at the library soon. please stop in and check it out, as it's quite a worthy, relaxing read !

06 September 2010

win a $5 gift card for gently used books-- part two.

a month or two ago, we gave away a $5.00 gift card for gently used books in douglassville. the owner, ramona dewalt, kindly donated to us a total of four of these cards to give away. 

so our contest for this week involves another $5.00 gift card of the three left.

comment on this post for a chance to win the gift card. please include your e-mail address in the comment. the contest ends the 12th of september. good luck !

05 September 2010

lilly jay hetrick-ludy won half-off a six-week session of yoga !

big, giddy congratulations to lilly jay hetrick-ludy who won our latest contest of half-off a six-week session from building blocks yoga. with sessions at $60.00, this little lady (or her parents, more likely) will only be dishing out $30.00 for her classes.

she is very excited to start her class and hopes to soon make her own blog to track the adventures in lilly loves yoga. she says her favorite pose is downward-facing dog.

but blurrily, even so, she calls it simply facing dog, doing yoyo.

our next contest will be announced tomorrow. come back soon to check it out, and please spread the word about news, not blues !