18 January 2015

( raising the gentle giant from the water )

words contributed by patrick mckinney
(this memory is from a tubing trip down the schuylkill river in douglassville with frank wolfe, jennifer hetrick, and patrick mckinney in the summer of 2013.)


( frank wolfe painted this river scene after the tubing adventures, where we also paddled 
hard with our hands to dodge a big pile of dead branches and the pillar of an old bridge 
in harsh and pulling currents-- quite the adrenaline-filled moments. )

the three tubes floated to the river's edge, and the adventure was coming to a close.  we were greeted by river tube staff who immediately tried to extricate us from our watery domain.  i was challenged and so was frank as we tried to remove our water-soaked booty from the large donut (or bagel, if you prefer). two staff members grabbed my hands and hoisted me up. i turned and helped frank, who relished the treatment with a broad grin and a glint in his eyes. it took three of us to free him, and he landed standing tall and proud, knowing that he made an accomplishment. 

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